eNTRI Visa

eNTRIs are online registration facilities offered by the government of Malaysia to allow Indian citizens to enter Malaysia under the visa waiver programme. eNTRIs will be issued to you upon your arrival in Malaysia as proof of your registration. If you are travelling to Malaysia and want to apply for eNTRIs from India, don't know where to begin, or what are the requirements for Indian citizens to apply? Don't worry! Today we will tell you about the most important aspects of eNTRIs for Indians in Malaysia.

Eligible eNTRI Indian

Applicants for a Malaysian visa may only submit an online application if they are travelling for tourism. For any other purpose, such as business purposes, applicants must submit an application in person at an Embassy, Consulate or High Commission of Malaysia Mission Abroad or through an approved Visa Application Center.

Document Required eNTRI Indian

Get your air tickets confirmed and a scanned colour copy of your passport's first and last page. It should be good for at least six months from returning to India. You'll need at least two blank pages and one scanned colour passport-size photo. The photo should be white with a matte finish without any specs or sunglasses. Plus, you'll get an email with your address.

Requirement eNTRI Indian

Steps for Malaysia eVisa:

  • Step 1: Access the online eVisa facility
  • Step 2: Submit your information
  • Step 3: Confirm your information
  • Step 4: Submit the required documents
  • Step 5: Wait for the processing

Passport Required eNTRI Indian

Before you start applying, make sure your passport is up to date. It needs to be valid for six months from the date you leave, has two or six blank pages, and can't be more than ten years old.

Apply eNTRI Indian

To begin the online visa application process, visit our website. Create an account with the Malaysian government portal and log in to your account. Start your visa application for Malaysia. Please provide your details, family details, travel history, and accommodation in Malaysia, review your application, and pay the Malaysian online visa.

How long is a Malaysia eNTRI visa valid?

The Malaysia electronic national transit visa (eNTRI) differs from the Malaysia electronic visa (eVisa) in that it has a maximum stay duration of 15 days and a validity period of three months.

How to check Malaysian eNTRI visa status?

To check your visa status, you must visit our website to check your online visa application.

What will you need after you arrive in Malaysia?

Once you have reached your destination, you will be processed for arrival. The department will then submit your passport for further processing, issuing the multiple entry visa sticker on your passport.

eNTRI Visa for Indian Residents