The Malaysian government welcomes people from Bhutan, renowned for its Himalayan peaks, mountains, and valleys, to come and visit Malaysia. They've taken significant steps to make it easier and more convenient for Bhutan tourists, students, professionals, and business people to visit Malaysia through eVisa.

The eVisa offers Bhutanese Nationals eligible to apply and the opportunity to obtain a Single Entry Visa for a single journey to Malaysia for up to 30 days per visit, with no extensions permitted. This visa is intended for tourism purposes only.

If you are seeking additional requirements or information regarding evisa, please do not hesitate to contact us before applying for a visa. We will assist you to resolve all issues with a single click or via email. Every trip excites first-time visa applicants. However, they would like to be informed of the current status of their visa. By simply clicking an online button, they can view their status for arrival, complete the necessary steps of access, and monitor their visa status. To apply for evisa, click the Apply Now option on our website.

Steps to Applying for a Malaysia Visa from Bhutan

Apply for a Malaysia visa is now getting more accessible and easier for Bhutanese citizens, even quicker than you think by following these steps:

  • - First, you have to gather all the necessary documents for a Malaysia tourist visa, including a passport.
  • - You have a Valid passport with a Bhutanese passport at least six months before arrival in Malaysia.
  • - Then apply for an online application form from our website for the following procedure, and provide us personal information with passport details.
  • - After completing the form, Upload all your necessary supporting documents with a scanned copy.
  • - After submitting your documents, the next step will be paying for your eVisa by using a credit or debit card online on our website and waiting for your visa application to be processed.
  • - After all your submission, then your document will be reviewed by an immigration officer.
  • - After all, is reviewed, Malaysia is approved your evisa, which will be sent to the candidate's email id. Even you can print a copy with other documents when required.

Malaysia tourist visa requirements for Bhutanese citizens

Located in Bhutan (eVisa)

  • - Applicant Photo
  • - Passport Front Page
  • - National ID Card
  • - Travel Itinerary
  • - Hotel Booking
  • - Birth certificate required for under 18

Located in Australia (eVisa)

  • - Applicant Photo
  • - Passport Front Page
  • - Current Country (Australia) Visa

Located in Different Country eVisa (Except Australia)

  • - Applicant Photo
  • - Passport Front Page
  • - Current Country Visa
  • - Birth certificate required for under 18