Each visa has its own set of criteria and requirements for evisa, depending on whether the individual plans to travel to Malaysia for either tourism or business purposes. The evisa system has been eliminated to streamline the visa application procedure and facilitate entry into Malaysia. To apply for an eVisa, applicants must possess a valid six-month passport, a digital photo of the passport size, proof of accommodation system and the financial balance for the stay in Malaysia. Additionally, tourists may be required to submit a journey schedule, return flights and proof of insurance coverage. By meeting these requirements, applicants can experience the wonders of Malaysia.

Electronic Visa: What to Do Before Visiting Malaysia?

Electronic Visas are becoming increasingly common, and many countries issue them. One of those countries is Malaysia, and only a few nationalities can apply for an electronic visa. The number is expected to increase shortly. We have gathered questions about electronic visas in Malaysia to help you prepare.

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What Documents Do I Need to Enter Malaysia?

You can apply for a visa in Malaysia online if you meet all the requirements for an eVisa. Read on to find out what documents you must submit for a Malaysia eVisa.

Proof of accommodation

You must also provide evidence of lodging for your entire stay in Malaysia. Here are the lodging requirements for Malaysia visa applicants. Make sure it's an official reservation. The dates you check in and out should be the same as when you arrive and leave. Make sure it has a confirmation number. If you're not staying at a hotel, you'll need to fill out a cover letter with details about where you're staying.

Other Requirements to Entry Malaysia

  • - You can submit your application electronically, including your email address and get your visa confirmed via email.
  • - Make sure you pay Malaysia visa fees safely online with a debit or credit card.

Document required by eligible countries