The process of applying for an Electronic Visa (eVisa) is now more accessible than ever before. Most of the countries, such as Malaysia, are now issuing eVisa to their citizens. However, those with a nationality from a different country will need to apply directly with the Embassy. Sri Lankan citizens, however, are able to apply for a Malaysian eVisa online through our services.

In order to travel to Malaysia, Sri Lankan citizens must obtain a visa. Certain criteria should be taken into account prior to travel to Malaysia in order to minimize the likelihood of encountering difficulties in a foreign country.

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Malaysian tourist eVisa for Sri Lanka

Latest Sri Lanka can also apply for tourist visa; these are the following requirements:

  • - Valid Passport
  • - All Detail get in your email id
  • - Passport size photo
  • - Travel Itinerary
  • - Proof for accommodation
  • - Invitation letter

Steps to Apply Malaysia evisa for Sri Lanka

First, you have to gather all the necessary documents for a Malaysia tourist visa, including a passport.

  • - You have a Valid passport with a Bhutanese passport at least six months before arrival in Malaysia.
  • - Then apply for an online application form from our website for the following procedure, and provide us personal information with passport details.
  • - After completing the form, Upload all your necessary supporting documents with a scanned copy.
  • - After submitting your documents, the next step will be paying for your eVisa by using a credit or debit card online on our website and waiting for your visa application to be processed.
  • - After all your submission, then your document will be reviewed by an immigration officer.
  • - After all, is reviewed, Malaysia is approved your evisa, which will be sent to the candidate's email id. Even you can print a copy with other documents when required.