The availability of visas has increased significantly. Most countries (including Malaysia) have started issuing visas. Currently, only a few nationalities are eligible to apply for visas. However, the list of eligible nationalities is expected to expand shortly. Other nationalities must also visit an embassy to apply for a visa.

The application process is straightforward and should take less than 20 minutes for Montenegrin applicants. We offer first-class assistance should you require it. There are three simple form steps, so you should be fine. The stay in Malaysia for a Montenegrin is limited to thirty days, while the Malaysia visa is valid for ninety days after issuance. Processing time for applications for a Montenegrin visa is within twelve or twenty-four hours. It is important to note that only a few entry points accept the Malaysia electronic national transit card (eNTRI) visa. The list of accepted entry points for eNTRIs can be found on our website should you choose a different entry port for your embassy visa.

Validity of passport for travel to Malaysia

When on arrival, a passport must be valid for six months.

Is it risk-free to visit Malaysia?

Malaysia now has a 2.8 (out of 5) risk level. When visiting Malaysia, we advise you to take some caution while traveling.

What are the needed documents?

  • - Applicant Photo
  • - Passport Scan Copy
  • - Return flight ticket
  • - Bank Statement (Latest 3 months)
  • - Supporting Documents
  • - Birth certificate required for under 18
  • - Travel itinerary